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To Choose OR to Be Chosen

I was reading something that stopped me in my tracks. It said there is one choice that no one can make for themselves, the day that they are born! This is so true! We can never turn back time and say that we wanted to be born on this day rather than that day. It’s just not feasible and if it’s attempted perhaps by changing ones birth certificate - I see that more as an attempt to deceive oneself! Either way, where I am going with this is that there are things that I can choose such as:

1) My career

2) My husband

3) My friends

4) My Church

5) The number of children I would like etc...

Then, there are things that I cannot choose and perhaps I Am chosen for it or them! Such as

- My Parents, siblings and family

- The Brain Aneurysm I encountered

- The date of my brain aneurysm (1st April 2010)

- The family history/heritage etc.

The awareness I now have, as a result of my blogs which allows the writing and releasing of my thoughts that are currently taking up space in my brain, is that there is a meeting point. The meeting point is ‘Acceptance’. Whether I choose or I Am chosen for something, I need to accept responsibility before I can move on and make a success of that scenario/situation. Knowing this has honestly stirred an excitement in my Spirit. Therefore,

#IChoose to accept responsibility for my actions, regardless of whether it was circumstances or actions I took or imposed upon me.

#IChooose to confront responsibility head on.

#IChoose to own and apply actions that I have committed to.

#IChoose to love me and as I do I shall realise more about myself and be able to give more to others.


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