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What are you Thinking?

I had an interesting week this week. My emotions were flying every where and questions were being thrown at me...all in my head! All of a sudden I experienced a flood of emotions and felt my eyes well up and not long after that I felt the stream of tears running down my cheeks.

Errrr where was this coming from? I shrieked! I could not answer? Why was this happening? Again I could not answer. I locked myself in my study and put some of my Gospel music on (I run to that and till today that has always (without fail) lifted me up!). After some time I was able to find answers to some of my questions. The primary question that was then followed by great actions and opportunities was this, 'Have I gone through what I have gone through for nothing!? What and how can I make my story - experiencing brain aneurysm and my life experience since the day it happened, matter!!

Not long after thinking those thoughts - an alternative thinking perspective was thrown upon me. The success of a few people and the fact that they had to overcome certain challenges of their own.

- Thomas Edison was told by his teachers he was ‘too stupid to learn anything’ at all

Edison went on to hold in excess of 1,000 patents, including the phonograph and practical electric lamp.

- Albert Einstein as a child didn’t start speaking until he was four years old. Not only that he started reading at the age of seven, and was thought to be mentally handicapped. Now his name is synonymous with intelligence beyond intelligence.

Edison and Einstein had to have made certain decisions to overcome their countless failures. They must have committed themselves to their vision such that there was no point of return. They must have been passionate, determined, persistent, focussed and completely sold out into their vision. No excuses allowed! They must have been sold-out to the point of no return! Keeping their eyes transfixed on their goal.

Yes! I see that!! Its really making me think about my vision, goals and even my thoughts. My thoughts need to be of a certain kind - in fact I need to consciously fill up my silences so that the right and focussed words fill it up combatting anything else that may impact the environment and atmosphere needed to constantly grow.

With this understanding:

#IChoose to view my life's experience from the lens of how I can benefit, how can I use if for my good and use it to strengthen others

#IChoose to use my joys, pains, challenges and annoyances for bigger plans and purposes

#IChoose to view any failure and every failure as a step closer to my point of success

#IChoose to learn or read something new/different daily

Taking immediate action, I am announcing that my 90 minute virtual workshop entitled 'Combat Memory Lapse or Brain Fog' will be taking place on December 10th at 20:00. More details to follow in the next blog.


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