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Yes To Pressing Through

I started off today’s blog by sharing a challenge that I am facing whilst learning something new. However I’ve decided to turn it on its head by saying that I am grateful that as I go through the pain of learning something new it will work out in my favour in the end!

So, for me to start a new routine, learn a new skill or simply take steps to do something different, it is a challenge for me! A challenge that I have determined to rise up to every time I find myself needing to go beyond myself in whatever capacity.

At the start of the Corona Virus pandemic, I had made up my mind to come out better than before it started. The reason for this conscious decision was because I could see a pattern forming regarding work. My contract was reduced from 5 days to 2 days and then not renewed as originally intended because of the uncertainty of when things would return back to ‘normal’. At that moment I also heard John Maxwell cite a quote by Albert Einstein. He said,

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunities“!

As I pondered on that quote, it made me realise that to find an opportunity in this season would therefore require me to take action, action through seeking, searching and/or starting something, anything that I have an interest in. Thus birthed my blog - Gifting Adversity! #IAmGrateful #IChoose.

This blog is like a gift to me. To start and follow-through on anything is a challenge. Not because I don’t want to! But because I need to remember to and that at fact most of the times is a challenge! Yet, I haven’t missed a week where I haven’t posted at least 2 blogs which has been my intention. I’m being kind to myself as advised by all those who keep telling me to ’give myself a break!’ 😃 and acknowledge what I have achieved so far.

Yet, permit me to say...there is more! It’s so easy to be put in a box and kept there! Family and friends have good intentions! I even do it to myself at times...but THERE IS MORE TO ME! Like toothpaste, I know that I need a little pressure placed on me and what is within (which at times I haven’t even acquainted with) will come out and show up beautifully!

I have proven that I can commit and be consistent with this new skill of blogging and I desire to stretch myself further! Although I’m still learning and searching why I can do this with somethings and not others!

Excuses no longer allowed!!

I want to learn another new skill! In fact I have started and it’s proving to be even more stretching than I had assumed. But you know what - in spite of it requiring time, effort, energy and intelligence - again I rise up to the challenge!!

I may shout, be shouted at, annoyed, be annoying, frustrated, be frustrating and honestly may even need to be told the same thing more than once!! But I know in my heart of hearts I will get there. In fact:

#iChoose to be and do more than my typical self.

#iChoose to invest in my growth.

#iChoose to enjoy the process of stretching myself so that I can be the best ever version of myself.

#iChoose to smile and go through all my challenges knowing that growth will be experienced in the process!



Unknown member
Jun 28, 2020

That’s great to hear Eva. Please share what you learn/experience as a result.xx


Eva Nabunya
Eva Nabunya
Jun 26, 2020

Brilliant write up I am learning alot and transfering your nuggets to myself

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