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You've Got This!

I’ve been excited and curious about how I’ll respond to opportunities. One has recently come my way that I accepted!

Well it’s day 14…2 weeks in…it’s still early days…and I’m enjoying it so far.

Yes it’s a stretch, it’s a challenge and the easiest thing to do is to crawl back into the familiar, the familiar environment/surroundings!

Just because of the FEAR!

FEAR is crippling!

Fear of the unknown, the steep learning curve required and the duration needed to get up to speed of the new sector/environment!

BUT...I Got This! This is what I tell myself!

Annabel YOU Have Got This! Whatever YOU need, Whenever YOU need 'it'...YOU have got this!

One needs to talk to and even shout out at oneself…just to hear ourselves say what we need to hear!

It’s great if we have someone or a few people around us that know what to say when we need to hear it…but the strongest, loudest and most constant voice we can ever hear is our own!

Whatever it is…tell yourself….I Got This…

These 3 words have done me well…tell yourself the same!!! You've Got This!!!

#IChoose to speak positively to and at myself!

#IChoose to respond to challenges knowing that it can assist my personal growth and make me happier

#IChoose to accept responsibility of how I respond to the expected and unexpected trials of life!

#IChoose to know, say and believe that 'I've Got This'!

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1 Comment

I love your brave, courageous heart, Annabel! You are such an inspiration ❤️🤗❤️

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