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Could never have imagined...

It’s hard for me to think or imagine that there was a time in my life when I had no knowledge of what an AVM (Arteriovenous malformation) was and it’s impact on life. The fact that there could ever be the possibility of waking up one day working from home, having an argument with your loved one and the possibility of never resolving that issue!

The severity of a brain injury (AVM) can be likened to the memory loss of a computer. What is a computer without memory?? That’s how I felt when I was discharged from the hospital after being there followed by a rehabilitation centre for a total of 43 days. Memory Loss!! To the point where I would go to the library to work on my dissertation and I would come home frustrated, pained and at a loss that I could spend 2-3 hours at the library only to have read a paragraph and remember nothing!! Literally nothing when I attempted to recall what I had read so I could write my dissertation. I had to choose to be resilient, determined and persistent. I chose to believe that I could complete my EMBA, continue consulting and regain my short term memory in spite of the negative views and perspective of the yes... Today #ichoose to be a resilient, determined and a persistent person.

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1 Comment

We never have these answers and we might never do, but I loved how you ended it by saying if I can’t control the things that has happened to me and has affected and changed my life forever, I can affect how it affects others and make something positive out of it. Thanks for sharing Tj is Annabelle.

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