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Day 2 #ichoose challenge

Today #ichoose my Thoughts

Do you ever think about what you're thinking about? If asked that question years ago, I would have asked a question back- how and why would I even want to do that? However, I find it to be a healthy activity because I can question why I am thinking what I am thinking- especially as my thinking impacts my mood and behaviour. The more I ask myself that question, the more I can catch myself thinking and being able to catch my thoughts that could potentially spiral into negativity.

So on day 2 of my ‘#ichoose Challenge’, I want to put up a gate to prevent and dispose of any negativity! I want to focus and concentrate on gratitude. Hence, I am Annabel Aaron, and I am grateful I can breathe unassisted, that I am living another day and that I have a family who I love and whom love me. I am grateful for the presence of this blog- the support I received to bring it to fruition and the impact it is having on people! I am grateful that I can smile and have plenty of reasons to smile. I love this new challenge that I have set and believe everyone else that totally engages with it will be blessed.

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