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Day 2 #ichoose challenge

Today #ichoose my Thoughts

Do you ever think about what you're thinking about? If asked that question years ago, I would have asked a question back- how and why would I even want to do that? However, I find it to be a healthy activity because I can question why I am thinking what I am thinking- especially as my thinking impacts my mood and behaviour. The more I ask myself that question, the more I can catch myself thinking and being able to catch my thoughts that could potentially spiral into negativity.

So on day 2 of my ‘#ichoose Challenge’, I want to put up a gate to prevent and dispose of any negativity! I want to focus and concentrate on gratitude. Hence, I am Annabel Aaron, and I am grateful I can breathe unassisted, that I am living another day and that I have a family who I love and whom love me. I am grateful for the presence of this blog- the support I received to bring it to fruition and the impact it is having on people! I am grateful that I can smile and have plenty of reasons to smile. I love this new challenge that I have set and believe everyone else that totally engages with it will be blessed.



Annabel Aaron
Annabel Aaron

I love that! I choose to breathe!! Thank you for sharing and I hope and trust that as you have chosen - you will no longer experience yourself holding your breath without realising.x


Hi Annabel .... a few days ago I thought about being careful about what I think about. For many years I travelled to work by bus, which I was grateful for since I never had to board crowded tube trains or drive. On reflection, since the journey was rather short I realise that on my way home I would sit on the bus and think about the day that had just passed and any actions for tomorrow. Always, work! work! work! or sometimes nothing at all sitting on the bus just staring.......I believe I should have been kinder to my mind.. so #ichoose to be intentional with my thoughts and know what I am thinking about at any giv…


Hi Annabel!

Its indeed a beautiful day to be grateful for the gift of life, family, friends and hope to grow. Today #ichoose peace, to take every step with understanding.


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