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No more regrets!

It’s all about gratitude! A grateful attitude!

So where was my regret coming from? Well, as I reflect over the last 10 years - it has shown me that my attitude wasn’t quite right. I spent too much time thinking of what could go wrong and not what could go right. I’d find myself justifying my actions and inactions when I wouldn’t meet my own expectations let alone that of others.

What changed was this...

I attended my husband’s mastermind sessions that have all centred primarily around mindset, thinking, thoughts and actions. I’ve been doing that for the last 4 years or so. I laugh because the initial 3 years I was attending as his wife. It’s in the last year that I’ve been attending as a student, a student with a strong desire to learn, take action and be of significance! It’s also only now that I’m being truly honest in confronting my mind-set. I’m no longer painting a picture that looks good, sounds good or is the expectation of those that I once sought the acceptance and permission from.

Freedom - I have freed myself from that boundary and limitation that I had set up for myself without realising!

Even as I look back, reflect, ponder and muse over the last 10 years after the brain haemorrhage, I’m grateful! I’m grateful for the experience, I’m grateful for my story and the fact that I can now share it as I have been doing and that it is helping others. That humbles me. That makes me appreciate and value my experience.

God kept me. He kept me for a reason, one of those reasons is to share my story and how HE pulled me out. I’m so grateful. I’ve made it quite clear that I believe in God. It’s in my deepest, darkest and loneliest places that God held me close and prevented me from making and taking actions that could otherwise have changed my life negatively forever. In those moments and at those times I made a decision to hold onto His Word. It was all I could do! It was all I chose to do.

I’ve been big on my #ichoose messages in my blogs since I started. Making decisions, accepting responsibility, acknowledging the 2010 events and choosing the actions to take, have been key for me. In fact it has been life transforming. I smile more than I have in years. I am recognising and navigating my new normal. I’m grateful!!

#Ichoose to remain grateful, #ichoose to search and find something to learn in all my challenges. #ichoose to smile even more today than yesterday. #ichoose to share my vulnerabilities, as doing so strengthens and encourages me to overcome whatever it is! #ichoose to enjoy life, my life daily!


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