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Success Or Failure - Be Intentional!

I had to repeat the image of my last blog. I was struck by it after I had published it. Can you imagine that, I was looking at it whilst I was writing up the blog, but it was not until I had published it that I saw and read into the image....ummmmmmmm looking and there a difference??? That's a title for another blog.

So, once it was published I was transfixed on the image, the 2 nouns in the image, they made me think...think that there was a relationship between the two of them. In fact it caused me to ponder on a number of questions like...

- If you are not succeeding are you failing?

- If seeking success should you expect failure?

- Whilst in pursuit of success, should you just recognise and accept that failure is close by...closer than you think? and

- Is success is a reflection of all the failures that you have overcome!

Wooow that last question I had to write as a statement it was deep for me!!

"Success is a reflection of all the failures (including mediocrity) that I have overcame"

Annabel Aaron

That is a profound statement.

The statement is reminding me how my life's experience can not only be a breath of fresh air to my fellow brain injury survivors, but also to all those out there that have no excuse but to succeed...what are you waiting for? Who or what are you allowing to hold you back from taking that move of momentum? Being totally honest and brutal with myself, I do not like forgetting anything and/or not remembering to follow through on what I have committed to. These are areas that I am failing in, whether intentional or not sometimes it doesn't matter because its this 'behaviour' that people form their first and sometimes their last impressions upon. Hence why I am on a mission to find that system, that support mechanism that will support me, something that I can surround myself with that I can rely upon unreservedly. The Amazon product Alexa is the closest so far.

The mind is where it all begins and ends. Hence why my #IChoose statements become more and more important to me. I did not realise the impact of my iChoose statements, but honestly they have made a great and positive difference. Repeating and mulling over them helps to direct my thoughts to a more meaningful and positive viewpoint and perspective. #IAm Grateful!

#iChoose to fill my mind with positive and progressive thoughts

#iChoose to be intentional about all areas of my life

#iChoose to be around people and environments that build me up and propel me forward

#iChoose to trample over everything that dares to come on my path to cause me to forget or distract, discourage or demoralise me! - I shall succeed!


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