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The Audacity Challenge Begins!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I was driving my daughter to nursery this morning and I had music playing in the background - and then it stopped. My daughter then said "Mummy I want to Choose!", she wanted to choose the next song! The manner in which she asked struck me, she didn't ask in the form of a question, it came across more of her right and privilege. That struck me and forced me to announce a challenge that I would like you to journey on with me. It is called - The Audacity Challenge!

Audacity is typically used in the negative - I am turning it into a positive! Let me start by this nouns definition:

...a willingness to take bold risks...disregard of normal restraints...having the bravery to do something that others would not do or consider...

Hence anything that dares to deny, disturb or demoralise me from taking that step or making that move will experience the audacious side of me, that includes my memory! My memory will be confronted, spoken at and put into place! I have the audacity to do all that I need to do to make sure that I remember all that I need to remember!

The release of my FIRST journal ( and the transition of my blogsite into an E-Commerce platform where I can now sell my products has fuelled me! Its fuelled me to the point where I am envisioning a bigger and greater reach of people that can be positively impacted by the sharing of my real challenges... AND how I am choosing to overcome them!

In fact:

#IChoose to be audacious and live a life of audacity!

#IChoose to have the audacity to overcome every challenge that dares enter my space

#IChoose to have the audacity to start and finish every commitment I make

#IChoose to speak out about brain aneurysms and strikethrough all stigmas associated with a brain injury!!

#IChoose to SMILE

2021 is truly my year of great FIRSTs!! and just maybe the challenge that I am announcing NOW will make it a great year!!!

So the challenge begins......The Audacity Challenge! here we go!!! February kicks off this challenge as: Be Audacious!!!! I will break this down more next week!!!!

#Be Ready to Be Audacious!!!!!



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