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When You Just Have To...

I was rushing back home to pick my daughter up from  nursery.  I left where I was giving myself enough time.  As I was driving I received a call regarding an appointment that I had apparently made - which I really couldn’t re-call.   The call details were re-sent to my phone but I was driving and it was a zoom call and I began to get a little flustered as I was also conscious of the time I needed to get to the nursery.  I finally managed to connect via Zoom - only for the person not to be there, understandably, the meeting was 20mins ago. I shrugged it off and continued driving.  As I drove I realised that I didn’t recognise where I was and I had been driving for over 1hr and 15mins (for a journey that should have been 45mins).  I then started to see signs for Heathrow Airport - Terminal 4!!!  My goodness...I couldn’t believe it and I burst out crying!  How did that happen?  Where had time gone?  How could I not have picked this up earlier? I could see the time ticking by - my daughter was going to be the last to be picked up and I was going to be late!...let me digress for a moment - I hate being late!! (It is very annoying). I do my best to not just be on time but to be early for all my appointments/pick ups - it just puts me in a better frame of mind!   Anyway - let me get back to the point - after a few tears I just spoke to myself - and told myself to shake it off and focus on finding the right way to the nursery.  As soon as I spoke to myself and shook it off I entered the details into the Sat Nav on my phone and focused on listening to the instruction and watching out for the signs on the road. The irony is that when I eventually arrived at the nursery I wasn’t late and my daughter was not the last to be collected!!!  I’m so glad I shook off those feelings off rather than allowing it to take me down a negative (beating myself up and wasting tears).  I’ve said to myself...Annabel welcome to the art of shaking things off!!  Hence: #IChoose to take control of my feelings rather than my feelings taking control of me #IChoose to shake off any and everything that attempts to interrupt my ‘feel good’ factor!


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