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Why I've Done This With YOU in Mind!

It's here, its real, its live and this is one of the other ways that I have decided to step out and give back! I will be holding a live workshop (as mentioned above) and it's going to be great!

At this workshop I will be sharing the day to day strategies that I have had to use to get by on a day to day basis. These strategies will touch on practical ways that I have had to change or adopt the way way I do things so that I remember and follow through on activities and actions as a wife, mother and ambitious woman! The struggles have been real! and the disappointments have hurt! But having a tenacious, committed and determined attitude makes the difference! I will explain all of this as I introduce you to the M.I.N.D model that I have developed with you in M.I.N.D!

Join me on Friday 14th August at 20:00 by registering at:

I am so excited!

From 7 days today the "Combat Memory Lapse or Brain Fog - and Remember What Matters Most" LIVE virtual workshop will be on!!

The count down is on!!! Register NOW!


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