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What is Blocking You From Seeing Beyond?

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I was on my way to pick my daughter up from nursery driving on the motor way. I was enjoying the drive as I could see ahead very clearly. All of a sudden a van drove passed me and then moved ahead of me into the lane i was in. I was annoyed to say the least. Why?? Although we were both in the fast lane he was blocking my view. With cars you can see though the glass, with a van - all blocked up- all I could see was the back of the van.

So, I was moving ahead but there was something blocking my view. What was I to do?? That was the question that came to mind, and I quickly assessed the situation and decided to overtake the van so that I could regain that clear view ahead that I had before its appearance. That situation made me think about my thoughts, is it possible for my thoughts to block the vision and perspective of life that I should have? Are my thoughts preventing me from seeing and planning ahead? Am i unconsciously giving my thoughts too much control?

Whilst mulling over these questions, I was grateful for one think that I had recently started to do. That was to capture and assess my thoughts. Once I had captured my thoughts and particularly if they were negative, I would ask myself:

- Are my thoughts stopping or preventing me from moving forward?

- Are my thoughts slowing me down and preventing me from seeing the perspective that I need to see to move me forward?

- Are my thoughts blocking me from seeing a better future and perspective of life!

It is easy to think that because you are moving forward that everything is OK and that everything is fine. Sometimes everything is fine. But other times there is something in front of you that is stopping you from progressing forward or limiting and slowing you down. Now i intentionally assess the root of my thoughts! I ask myself more questions. As an example, I am now asking myself how I can use my experience as a light, of strength and encouragement to others. One opportunity that has aroused my curiosity and intrigue is all about training. The possibility of training people in how I manage my memory within my various roles as a wife, mother and woman of ambition has stirred up a desire to share this through training. Ironically that is exactly what I have been presented with and in the last few weeks have been working on.

Yes! Over the last 6-7 weeks I have been developing an online training course. This training course will share the daily memory exercises that I use as well as the fantastic and life transforming affirmations that have caused strength, determination and grit within me to persevere in spite of it all.

It will be great for you to support me in this way.

The details are:

Course Title: How to Retain and Recall Key Information and Execute Tasks Despite Your Memory Lapse or Brain Fog!

Date: 15th August 2020

Time: 20:00

Location: Online <Registration details to be circulated week commencing 27/07/20>

Cost: £97

More information:

Instagram: Iamannabelaaron

Facebook: Iamannabelaaron


#iChoose to move or remove what is blocking my view

#iChoose to control my thoughts

#iChoose to see beyond!


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