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Day 1- #ichoose challenge

Today #ichoose Joy

Have you ever thought about the difference between Joy and Happiness? Do you know the definitions of these two emotions? Which emotion would you prefer to experience? I’ve always had the view that happiness is experienced when something happens and causes that emotion; whilst joy is more innate, a feeling that has been decided regardless of the circumstances and situations that are faced/experienced.

So, the reason I’m starting with Joy is because of the inner work that is required for anything to be sustainable, meaningful and impactful.

Enjoy this #ichoose challenge. Share what you learn. #Ichoose to share my vulnerabilities through this challenge - what have you chosen to do through this challenge that is perhaps ‘outside of your comfort zone’?

Any questions, comments or feedback pleases share. Otherwise I look forward to walking this journey with you.



Thank you Annabel for creating this know , I often wondered when I would ever get to meet or see this beautiful, strong woman Coach Aaron would testify about.....

#ichoose. I am choosing to walk more closely with the Holy Spirit. I will sometimes unintentionally disregard the Holy Spirit and find myself in something I didn't expect....but I hear this small voice tellling me to walk this way. So I choose to follow that small, still voice.


Odera Aguele
Odera Aguele
Jun 01, 2020

Wow!!! That was my last word post listening to your testimony and interview.. I was left with a question -What’s your excuse Odera?? #i choose gratitude, I am choosing to be thankful at all times regardless of circumstances I find myself in . Complaining about situations means you remain in the same spot or choose praise and be raised!! I am reminded that God is able to do all things!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your journey !!!!


Thank you beautiful Annabel! Your inspirational testimony has pulled me out of my comfort zone, further into my lane of pursuit. #ichoose trust, I am choosing to trust more in my God given abilities because through it all, He is not giving up on me, through this challenge.

Thank you ❤️

Shalom 🕊️

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