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Day 5 #ichoose challenge

Today #ichoose to Speak

Did you know that to ‘speak’ is a verb? It is a doing word- a word that requires action! It could almost sound like an instruction depending on the context that it’s spoken

When I think about speaking and being totally honest with myself, it’s not something that I have been great at! I’ve allowed my insecurities to play a prominent role in the person that I had been.

I spoke more in my head than what I actually voiced! As I’ve said before, I unconsciously built a prison in my head and only I had the key. That prison, like the malformed cells that resided in my brain, have all been obliterated- Praise God!

So fact, right now, I am free, free from bondage! Therefore #ichoose to stick with my newly improved and more vocal self. #ichoose to speak. #ichoose to ask myself whether what I am about to say is relevant, timely and purposeful. #ichoose to share my thoughts and feelings on a topic.

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