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Day 5 #ichoose challenge

Today #ichoose to Speak

Did you know that to ‘speak’ is a verb? It is a doing word- a word that requires action! It could almost sound like an instruction depending on the context that it’s spoken

When I think about speaking and being totally honest with myself, it’s not something that I have been great at! I’ve allowed my insecurities to play a prominent role in the person that I had been.

I spoke more in my head than what I actually voiced! As I’ve said before, I unconsciously built a prison in my head and only I had the key. That prison, like the malformed cells that resided in my brain, have all been obliterated- Praise God!

So fact, right now, I am free, free from bondage! Therefore #ichoose to stick with my newly improved and more vocal self. #ichoose to speak. #ichoose to ask myself whether what I am about to say is relevant, timely and purposeful. #ichoose to share my thoughts and feelings on a topic.



I too choose to speak and I choose to be free from the stories I have told myself that has become real by dwelling on the negatives said to me in the past. I have a voice and I choose to use it to say what is relevant, purposeful and timely.


Today #ichoose to Speak

I am going to do the same....just the other day I remembered as a child my dear mother would often tell me and my other siblings to 'Shutup' (I know she did not know the damage it was causing and soon ceased as she grew closer to God) . So for me ,that meant that I would not speak around others so much. People would always say "You're so quiet" , not such a good thing as it didn't allow me to grow , discuss, debate, question. ..

So today I too choose to speak!

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