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If not NOW when?

“Thank You for starting this blog Annabel - thank you for letting us in.  As a medical professional I am fascinated by what your sharing, as I have no appreciation of any of the thoughts, challenges, battles etc that you or anyone else that has experience anything similar to you, go through.  Thanks for letting us in!”

Woooow, “thanks for letting us in”!

Truth be told I’m letting myself out!

Writing, sharing, being honest and transparent about...the battles that have been raging in my mind has depleted the power it once held over me.

This blog, this act of writing and sharing my mind has released me from the confines of my mind.  Now, my new me has been let loose.  My new and better version of myself is coming to fruition.  

I was once told that talking heals!  It’s the same with writing and sharing.  This has released the weight that was once very heavy on my shoulders...and I never realised this!  One very apparent consequence of writing and the freedom that has transpired, is that I no longer find myself needing the permission of people to start or say anything!  I never realised that this was something that I sought...the permission of people... what a hindrance and a barrier!!

Now change has come!  The fact that I shaved all my hair off (yes shaved to the point of baldness...looool) and only told two people (my husband and a hairdresser/friends) was enough.  

Similarly, I told very few people about this, my blog.  In fact this time it was only one person, a gifted and beautiful hearted family friend of mine, and here it is - my blog.  

Now was my chance for change.  Now was my chance to realise my thoughts!  Now - in spite of the lockdown I have birthed what was only a thought - no permission sought or required!

This lockdown season has ironically given me the permission I needed.  The permission to reveal my true, real and new self.  NOW has been my best excuse to show up and show off.  Show off by letting my inside out!  So yes it’s great that I’m doing this NOW and not tomorrow! 


#ichoose to take action,

#ichoose to seek permission from myself and God. 

#ichoose to make this lockdown season serve me as I pursue my purpose. 

#ichoose to smile daily and seek others who I am in a position to serve. 

#ichoose to smile. 

Daily #ichoose to live a life of gratitude.



Ndidi Okezie
Ndidi Okezie
May 31, 2020

I continue to be so inspired by you and the example of courage and tenacity that your very life sets. You are just incredible babes. It remains an honour to know you...💓🙏🏾


Detola Amure
Detola Amure
May 24, 2020

Love this! Letting yourself out! Boom!!!

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